PNG – SNS “Students Networking for Success”

Mission: To provide high school students access to the local small business community for the purpose of developing networking skills, job training opportunities, mentoring and other necessary life skills to survive and thrive in a post high school environment that includes but is not limited to employment, college, vocational school, military and small business startup/entrepreneurship.

Target Population: High school juniors and seniors

Program Description: Local Power Networking Group chapters partner with schools in each city to allow students the ability to meet and network directly with business leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs. In additional to the regular monthly networking events that each PNG chapter runs, schools will host monthly events on site and business members would be invited to attend and to interact with students.

Program Objective: To provide high school students with 1-2 years of regular mentoring, educational and networking experience with a wide variety of business leaders so that by the time the students graduate, they are well trained, prepared and connected to network successfully using the skills that they have developed and refined through the SNS program.

Program Area & Scope: The SNS program strives to be active in every city where a Power Networking Group chapter exists.

Cost: There is no cost to member schools or to the students who participate in the SNS program

Program Funding: Grants, fundraising by students and PNG members, annual awards banquet / ad book and event fees, etc.

Power Networking, NFP;4435 E. Chandler Blvd – Suite #200; Phoenix, Arizona 85048