Small business owners need to help each other out

  • Apr 16, 2019

Small business is the backbone of our national economy and our state economy as well. Even more so, there are thousands of small business owners in Maricopa, Casa Grande and the surrounding communities. The importance of the products and services that these small businesses provide cannot be overstated, from restaurants, hardware stores, landscapers, and so much more.

Power Networking Group understands that in order for small business owners to survive and thrive, they must be connected to share ideas, information, leads and so much more. PNG was founded in December 2017 in the city of Maricopa by us — Moshe Klein, an accountant, and Pat Lairson, a Realtor — because we saw the need in the city to raise the bar relative to services offered in the city and to the small business community overall.

PNG offers regular monthly Hour of Power networking events, Happy Hour mixers, professional development workshops, speed networking events, employment events and so much more. In just over a year, the PNG organization that was born in Maricopa has grown to active chapters in Casa Grande, Maricopa, Scottsdale, Chandler and Phoenix/Ahwatukee. Hundreds of small business owners are actively engaged. As a member, all events and workshops are free. Small business owners love what they see at PNG and it’s working. Leads are exchanged freely at the events and through the PNG member Facebook group page.

Small business owners and start-ups face many challenges. Power Networking Group offers a way for every small business owner to gain access to a large network for support to survive and to thrive. Mentoring is available for any small business owner who needs individualized support during critical times. Best of all, a PNG chapter member in one city is welcome and encouraged to attend as many events and workshops in others cities as they care to so the potential for growth and business success is virtually unlimited.

For more information about Power Networking Group, visit the website at and register as a guest for any more than 75 events and workshops available in 5 cities right now. Remember: your network = your net worth.

We look forward to featuring some of the local small businesses in your community in future articles.

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