Today, we want to share another pearl of wisdom. You have heard it before. “If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people.” This often-repeated statement happens to be true, which is why it is often repeated.

Since we started Power Networking Group in December 2017, we have seen many networking success stories. Meet Jen Nebeker, owner and chief creative artist at Fenway Photography. Jen has been a Maricopa resident for 6 years and a PNG member since early 2018.

Jen comes from a family of photographers and after being a hospice worker for 11 years decided to pursue her passion to see if she could turn it into a business. She surrounded herself with mentors. In fact, when she saw another photographer she admired, she tried to contact them and glean any tips they wanted to offer. She has received and given referrals as a result of networking with other photographers.

Photography is an art form and she is great at capturing moments other people may miss. She looks for the hidden and the unexpected. Fenway Photography has become known for affordable and creative business, family and wedding projects. The truth is, Fenway goes the extra mile to make every photo shoot a real “keeper.” Contact Jen at or call her at 253-414-2764.

Power Networking Group is providing unique leadership in Maricopa to the small business community and the city. Our small business networking partners are winners and we welcome other like-minded small business owners to join.

The group is all about small business, jobs and entrepreneurship. With active chapters in five cities. it’s a perfect networking group for you to join if you are a startup or home-based business.

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